Monday, May 20, 2013


Untuk matrix metering ini, camera akan ukur kekuatan cahaya pada hampir keseluruhan gambar dan memberikan bacaan purata.  Matrix Metering sesuai bagi untuk mengambil gambar landscape atau architecture supaya keseluruhan gambar yang terhasil di expose properly

For matrix metering, the camera will measure the source light on the almost the whole picture and give an average readings. Matrix Metering suitable for taking pictures of landscape or architecture so that the overall picture are properly exposed


Center Weight metering pula, camera akan mengukur kekuatan cahaya dalam lingkungan 20-15% dari keseluruhan gambar. Metering seperti ini sesuai bagi gambar yang mempunyai satu sahaja subjek yang jelas seperti di dalam sebuah gambar potret, sukan dan sebagainya.

In Center Weight metering, the camera will measure the brightness of the environment about  20-15% of the overall picture. Such metering suitable for images that have one subject only, as in a portraiture, Sports and so on.


Untuk Spot metering pula, camera akan mengukur kekuatan cahaya dalam lingkungan 5% dari keseluruhan gambar to be exact  pada tempat kita fokus. 

Similarly for Spot metering, the camera will measure the strength of light in an environment of 5% of the overall picture to be exact on where we focus

Mungkin dari paparan skrin komputer tidak begitu nampak perbezaannya... sebaiknya dicuba terlebih dahulu dengan camera sendiri. Sila pastikan anda menggunakan iso, aperture dan mode yang digunakan adalah sama.. cuma ubahkan metering modenya saja. Baru lah anda dapat melihat perbezaannya.

Conclusion: Melalui pemerhatian... Matrix metering menghasilkan gambar lebih cerah dari ketiga2 metering yang digunakan... kalau diatur kecerahan dari cerah, sederhana dan gelap... Matrix paling cerah, Centre weighted sederhana cerah dan paling gelap adalah spot metering...

Sony Alpha Experience 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013

On Feb 28, 2013 I received an email from My Sony Team saying:

Your attendance to Sony Alpha Experience 2013 is confirmed! 

Im so happy and looking forward for the weekend. It was held on 16 & 17 March 2013 @Zebra Square in KL and eventhough I was having fever and flu... I went!! And glad I did.. It was sooooo much fun.... ok.. photos... 

This is our ID card and passbook in which the programme and also after each talk, we are given a sticker and once we've collected 6 stickers... we got free SONY 8GB Memory Card!! How awesome is that... On top of that... once we've share at least 5 photos to Instagram or FB.. we got 1 more which Sony will mailed it to us later!!! I got BOTH!!! hehehhehee.. TQ Sony Malaysia!!

The Saturday Morning Crowd!!! 
Everybody waiting anxiously to get in the Hall.. 
and mind you..  its a hot morning...

The Big Screen!!!

Ohhh almost forgot.. our door gift.. contains the passbook, 
the Sony pouch as well as NEX cleaning cloth..

There's Mr Gary Friedman from USA who's using Sony A99 
who gave us a talk on Flash Photography and give lots of tips too

Then there's Mr Michael Yamashita from USA, using Sony A99
He's a National Geographic Photographer and showed us few photos from his book Shangri-La...

That makes us go OOOOOOOOOOOO and AAAAAAAAAA and WOOOOWWW.....

There's also few local photographer like Ming Thien, Darren Chong, Patrick Low and not forgetting Mr Mitoyuki Ohtake-san who works in Sony, He's the Optic and Lens Specialist... and he introduced the new Sony lenses... that makes me drool... Unfortunately I was sitting quiet far from the Main Centre Stage therefore I could not snapped their photos. 

My apologies for the blurred photo of 
Mr Friedman and Mr Yamashita-san 
as they were so far awwwwaaaayyyyyy from where I'm sitting. 

Our MC for the Event.. I really love her voice.. 
and she's really good in handling the event... 
very professional and very entertaining...  
unfortunately I didnt get her name!! 
Sorry Miss who ever you are... but really... I love your voice!! :)

Ohh almost forgot again.. 
there's few Maserati's, Vespas, Harley Davidson and Aprilla at the Courtyard 
on display for our photo taking pleasure as well...  

*that's my cammy viewing Maserati's logo... taken with my phone.... pls ignore the blurness

They are the  Guess Models.... 
which I manage to take lots of shots as they are walking down the runway.. 
however.... I'm blocked by the other photographers...
therefore... some of the shots came out partial face... 
well... that's ART ok!! hehehe

There's few more here:

I'll upload more later... 

maybe... or maybe not!!! hahahahhaa

This is my first year joining such event... 
I'm looking forward to go again next year.... 
will keep an eye open!!! 

Anyway.. Thanks Sony Malaysia for such a great event!!!!

Cat sitting session

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Last two weeks I (aka me and Jaja) was entrusted the task of Kak Hanie's cat cum house sitting.. 

Since we've finished  doing what needs to be done ... 
I took the opportunity to snap few photo's of Kak Hanie's babies.....
 It was fun... and now I even got myself hype in trying to get better in my photography!!!

Note: I ♥ my cammie 



Uncle Kucing

Better picture here: 

Yellow Flower or Allamanda cathartica

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Blooming flower in mom's garden...

KL Bird Park

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Note: Last Sunday, me and my posse went to the KL Bird Park and KL Tower... 
But for this posting i'm going to show few photos that i took in KL Bird Park


Ok now some background on KL Bird Park..

First of all....I just realised that KL Bird Park is the WORLD BIGGEST WALK IN AVIARY!! 
woot wooot!! hahahhaha.... its website is HERE 

Lots of birds in there... unfortunately KL or Malaysia generally has a warm weather climate...
 therefore... its hot... luckily when we went there its a bit cloudy so its not so bad...
Bit of advise if you're going.. 
make sure you have hat on and bring lots of cold water... 
cos its HAWT!! hehehe

So let me show you few photos that i took..


Georgeous Male Peacock

Night Heron

Told you its HOT!! look at this kid enjoying the ice-cream with watchful eyes... 
looking at the birds just in case 

OK i'm re-activate my flickr accounts... as you could see by the side of my blog...
There's more photos there so here's the link

please come and visit!!!

Multiple Photo Entries - Part 1

Friday, February 1, 2013

I know.. no excuse... but been busy.. 
with my mom who's not doing well.. 
she develop a condition where 
she cant remember things. 
Its not senile.. but worst than that... 
but i dont want to disclose it here..
well... thats on my mom
As for my cat Omey.. his pet name.. 
his real name is Tommy 
keeps having seizures and 
was confirmed that he has nerve problems and nothing much can be done... 

got my cammy.. my new shiny cammy.... 

so enjoy my perspective of the world around me.. 
AS I SEE IT.... 

Note: photo taken using Iphone 4 

Ohh... I love instagram.... you can follow me here

Somewhere in Shah Alam...

Pancake house: House Burger... 

M&M Clock....

need I say more??? =_=

Antique fan regulator

Coffee.... coffee... coffee

Half boiled egg that my mister ♥ very much



Lamp Post to: NARNIA...

 Beautiful Frangipani from Sis Hanie's Garden 

Leaving them behind, I'm soooo moving forward

Happy New Year 2013!!!

Old Skool Calculator

The new version / perception of the Oldtown coffee house

Mock Paddy field at MAHA 2012.. 
but that's a real Paddy tree..


Dont be fool... its not coffee.. but Hot Chocolate

Big Teddy

Let the PORSCHE be with me!!

Fancy chocolatey pizza @ VIVO

water bottle

Do Not Cross the YELLOW barrier

Random photos

Monday, October 15, 2012

A flower from mom's garden.. I think its Bunga Melur... 
pls correct me if im wrong

cant resist to take this cutey face photo!!

Hey!! I just realised that I'm promoting lots of company brand now
.. I should be paid!! hahahhahaha