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Monday, October 15, 2012

A flower from mom's garden.. I think its Bunga Melur... 
pls correct me if im wrong

cant resist to take this cutey face photo!!

Hey!! I just realised that I'm promoting lots of company brand now
.. I should be paid!! hahahhahaha

3 weeks of photos compressed

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I felt lost and sad and unhappy and miserable the last 3 weeks as I took this new challenge and after realising that is not what i want so i quickly pull the handbrake and make a u-turn and quickly mend the situation and Thank GOD Im back to the old me... 

During that period only manage to took few photos.... 

3 ♥s

sweet booboo


Lantana Camara

I dont know the name of this flower... but the first time
I saw this flower is at KLCC long lonnnnngggg time ago...
so I decided I shall named it KLCC flower!! hehehhe

Jack jack...

Lil' Angel... pls watch over me

Maru wanna be... XP

really old typewriter that caught my eyes at 1 of the shops in Sunway

"PPPPFFFTTTHHHH" said Tommy Owen's 

Pink Lady

a fren's baby kitty named Win
just passed away this morning....
Truly sad coz just saw her 2 weeks ago... 
played with her... really sweet lil' kitty... 
RIP baby... you're in better place now... 

ohh if you lonely.. or just wanted to make more frens..
go find my kitties... just call out  for 
boy chik, Pong, Aries, Fifi or Didi.. 
they should be in a group..
they'll take care of you...
And pls tell them i miss them too...

All Abort!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Been sooooooooooooo dang buzy lately... yep been saying that a lot lately... Yep.. i noticed it too.. but one things for sure... I've been so busy lately.. even last year wasn't this bad!!!

However... been snapping few photos with my Iphone as i no longer owns a dslr... hehehe.. soon i hope really soon... A new DSLT will submerge!!!

ok.. summarised story...

When to Putrajaya... to the MOF building.. while waiting for the meeting to start.. saw this wonderful bridge view... one of the many bridges there.. well.. the hand itched to press the shutter.. 

Well this is the first time i'm flying with Firefly... normally I flew with MAS.. but had to go to Alor Star for an urgent matter..

Its WING!!

Old typewritter at the window display at TYPO in Pavillion....

ohh Now i love to upload photos at INSTAGRAM... 
if you wanna follow me.. msg me.. i'll give you the link!! hehehehe

Fish Castle: 25.06.2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fried fish noodle with chee cheong fun

Cold tau foo fa 

the before and after bowl!! 

A friend of mine introduce me to Fish Castle shop in Damansara Uptown..

A chinese muslim restaurant... 

my friend had nasi tomato.. which was lovely... but didnt manage to snap a photo as she's really hungry.... hahahhaha

over all... we think.. WE'LL BE GOING THERE AGAIN SOON!!! 


Meatwork: 18.06.2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On Monday we (the whole office) when for lunch at 

Meatwork, Citta Mall in Petaling Jaya.

It was Jaja's Birthday.. so HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAJA!!..

but her actual birthday was not on Monday... 

but since its birthday lunch.. and boss treat.. who cares!! hehehhe

I had Carbonara.. which is a bit dry.. but lovely....

had a taste of its Sirloin Steak.. which is lovely.. love the sauce.. 

and it was well marinated!! 

The only problem.. you have to wait for at least 1 hour

 coz they marinate the beef when you order it.. not before hand.. 

so you can taste the freshness... 

well.. just bring you ipad/tablet n play games, read news paper.. 

or chit chat with your company.. and enjoy the atmosphere the ambiance!!

Afternoon boost: 19.06.2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My eyes are getting smaller... and my workload has not improved either... 

been stacking up faster than i could clear them...

well... since im the only one in my department.. 

and my boss fly almost twice a month now..

and he left me his share of work....

so dont judge me!!

As i open the office fridge.. i saw TOBLERONE given to me by my buddy.. 

so.. omm nomm nommm

i found my happy place!! 

Yardley: 17.06.2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

Went to Tesco on Sunday and saw this talc... brings me back to my childhood days..

My grandma loves to wear this powder and i loves the smell too...

This is the old packing!!! hehehehe

Hey Mickey: 07.06.2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

During the School holiday last week Midvalley organised a 
Mickey Mouse Exhibition : Through the Years since 1928.

I only manage to take 2 photos as I'm on my way to attend a seminar there...

Paddy field: 24.05.2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

My boss called me up n instruct me to go to 
Kangar, Perlis on 23 May at 12pm 
by giving me an excuse... I need you to assist me in the meeting..
and the meeting was scheduled on 24 May @ 9.00 AM...

Luckily i love to drive and my car's in good condition.. 
so rush back home.. pack things.. say goodbye to my cats
 and make a detour to K. Hanie's place, dropped off Cayenne then 
off we go to Kangar by 330pm... and we reached Kangar at 9.15pm..
 (it would be earlier if Google Map were pointing us at the right location!!) 
Well it Google Map was 95% correct... just that the final location got mixed up.... 
and we travelled a distance of 500+km in 5 hours and 45 minutes

The next morning after the chaos of the 2 big meetings and a breather... 
I just realised that the hotel was facing paddy field... and the breeze was heavenly...
makes me wanna stay there longer..
if not because of another meeting waiting for me today.. 
i might have stayed there this weekend!!

Then off i go again... enduring another 500+ km drive back to KL..


Studio Shoot : 20.05.2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

I had the opportunity to test the Sony A57 DSLT... 
*kaw kaw poison oohhhh

 which just being launched recently and i'm eyeing it!!! 
*need antidote soon!!

After the product introduction and explanation given which makes me drool some more...

Sony gave us the chance to try it out 
*aka molest session!! 

and these what i came up with...

FYI: this is my first attempt of studio photography and portraiture...

Thanks to Cindy for modelling!!

*now restless nites thinking when shall i owned this babe!! 

I ♥ SONY A57!!!

and this too

Note: dont know why suddendly i cant embed the video here!! hurmmmm

Editing - 15.05.2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Im not in the mood to do my work.. start googling photo's and saw someone took this photos 

and looks kinda dreammy and gloomy so.... i tot of giving my photo that kinda touch.... i think....

is it almost the same??? *head nodding 

or not?? *head shaking side to side

Landscape - 09.05.2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

First of all.. this is the few first time i took landscape photo....
dont have the suitable lens yet.. 
but like all the masters said.. the best lens is the one that you have with you...
so i decided to give it a shot.. and these what i've manage to come up with...


Short trip part II - 09.05.2012

The last posting i just upload few photo's taken with my iphone.

Today... coz terlebih rajin sket... upload photo's yg diambil menggunakan my dslr...

still amateur....

took lots of photos of my bestpren too... 

but those are just for the viewing pleasure are for those who are my fb frens only...

however.. enjoy... hope to hear some comments....



when strawberry flower turns into fruit

the strawberry flower...



Some wild plant.... just wanna show off the bokeh effect...