Baby - 19.03.2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Meet Baby Yoda or Yodani aka abbie...

reason being i cant see its gender yet... so for the time being i call it baby or abbie for short

rescued him/her whole family of 6 plus 1 mommy cat from car park underneath my apartment. Took them to the vet as they dont look very good.

Mommy cat suffered pneumonia and now under my care and still on medication. Once she's well will send her for neuter.

Baby had 6 siblings... one didnt make it... too weak... and baby was the 2nd weakest of them all... But baby's a fighter... he/she endured the tough time, fight for his/her life and now health as a kitten can be.. bit smaller than the rest..
thats why he's/she's my baby...


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