Paddy field: 24.05.2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

My boss called me up n instruct me to go to 
Kangar, Perlis on 23 May at 12pm 
by giving me an excuse... I need you to assist me in the meeting..
and the meeting was scheduled on 24 May @ 9.00 AM...

Luckily i love to drive and my car's in good condition.. 
so rush back home.. pack things.. say goodbye to my cats
 and make a detour to K. Hanie's place, dropped off Cayenne then 
off we go to Kangar by 330pm... and we reached Kangar at 9.15pm..
 (it would be earlier if Google Map were pointing us at the right location!!) 
Well it Google Map was 95% correct... just that the final location got mixed up.... 
and we travelled a distance of 500+km in 5 hours and 45 minutes

The next morning after the chaos of the 2 big meetings and a breather... 
I just realised that the hotel was facing paddy field... and the breeze was heavenly...
makes me wanna stay there longer..
if not because of another meeting waiting for me today.. 
i might have stayed there this weekend!!

Then off i go again... enduring another 500+ km drive back to KL..



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