All Abort!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Been sooooooooooooo dang buzy lately... yep been saying that a lot lately... Yep.. i noticed it too.. but one things for sure... I've been so busy lately.. even last year wasn't this bad!!!

However... been snapping few photos with my Iphone as i no longer owns a dslr... hehehe.. soon i hope really soon... A new DSLT will submerge!!!

ok.. summarised story...

When to Putrajaya... to the MOF building.. while waiting for the meeting to start.. saw this wonderful bridge view... one of the many bridges there.. well.. the hand itched to press the shutter.. 

Well this is the first time i'm flying with Firefly... normally I flew with MAS.. but had to go to Alor Star for an urgent matter..

Its WING!!

Old typewritter at the window display at TYPO in Pavillion....

ohh Now i love to upload photos at INSTAGRAM... 
if you wanna follow me.. msg me.. i'll give you the link!! hehehehe