KL Bird Park

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Note: Last Sunday, me and my posse went to the KL Bird Park and KL Tower... 
But for this posting i'm going to show few photos that i took in KL Bird Park


Ok now some background on KL Bird Park..

First of all....I just realised that KL Bird Park is the WORLD BIGGEST WALK IN AVIARY!! 
woot wooot!! hahahhaha.... its website is HERE 

Lots of birds in there... unfortunately KL or Malaysia generally has a warm weather climate...
 therefore... its hot... luckily when we went there its a bit cloudy so its not so bad...
Bit of advise if you're going.. 
make sure you have hat on and bring lots of cold water... 
cos its HAWT!! hehehe

So let me show you few photos that i took..


Georgeous Male Peacock

Night Heron

Told you its HOT!! look at this kid enjoying the ice-cream with watchful eyes... 
looking at the birds just in case 

OK i'm re-activate my flickr accounts... as you could see by the side of my blog...
There's more photos there so here's the link

please come and visit!!!


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