Multiple Photo Entries - Part 1

Friday, February 1, 2013

I know.. no excuse... but been busy.. 
with my mom who's not doing well.. 
she develop a condition where 
she cant remember things. 
Its not senile.. but worst than that... 
but i dont want to disclose it here..
well... thats on my mom
As for my cat Omey.. his pet name.. 
his real name is Tommy 
keeps having seizures and 
was confirmed that he has nerve problems and nothing much can be done... 

got my cammy.. my new shiny cammy.... 

so enjoy my perspective of the world around me.. 
AS I SEE IT.... 

Note: photo taken using Iphone 4 

Ohh... I love instagram.... you can follow me here

Somewhere in Shah Alam...

Pancake house: House Burger... 

M&M Clock....

need I say more??? =_=

Antique fan regulator

Coffee.... coffee... coffee

Half boiled egg that my mister ♥ very much



Lamp Post to: NARNIA...

 Beautiful Frangipani from Sis Hanie's Garden 

Leaving them behind, I'm soooo moving forward

Happy New Year 2013!!!

Old Skool Calculator

The new version / perception of the Oldtown coffee house

Mock Paddy field at MAHA 2012.. 
but that's a real Paddy tree..


Dont be fool... its not coffee.. but Hot Chocolate

Big Teddy

Let the PORSCHE be with me!!

Fancy chocolatey pizza @ VIVO

water bottle

Do Not Cross the YELLOW barrier


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